Rexburg Grooming

We are happy to provide grooming services for our clientele. Our groomer is willing to work with you to help you obtain the perfect hair cut for your best friend! Call today to set up an appointment.

Rexburg Dog Grooming Services

  • Shave Your Dog
  • Bathe Your Dog
  • Brush Your Dog

Our groomer grooms by breed, but will also do a shave down when requested. She is one of the few dog groomers in the Rexburg area who will do the larger breed dogs such as Collies, Labs, Standard Poodles, and Airedales. It is not uncommon during busy times for us to groom 25 or more dogs a week.

Pet grooming in Rexburg

Rexburg Cat Grooming Services

Our groomer’s experience is not limited to dogs. She shaves, bathes, and brushes cats too. As with most animals, cats need to be cleaned and groomed for a good healthy life with you.

  • Shave Your Cat
  • Bathe Your Cat
  • Brush Your Cat

Other Rexburg Pet Grooming Services

  • Early drop off
  • Medicated Baths
  • Grooming (Pre-Boarding)
  • Grooming (Post-Boarding)
  • Ear infection Treatment by a Veterinarian while here
  • Well-health Exams & Vaccinations by a Veterinarian while here

We offer early drop off for your grooming convenience (7:30 am – 5:00 pm weekdays).

Our groomer will do medicated baths and can have our veterinarians treat your pet for problems such as ear infections or well-health exams and vaccinations while they are here.

With a scheduled appointment we have grooming available for your pet just before it goes home from boarding.

We are pleased to be able to offer these excellent services to our clients in Southeastern Idaho. Feel free to contact us today with any of questions about our pet grooming services in Rexburg.