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Rexburg Animal Vaccinations

Once your furry bundle of energy has wriggled its way into your heart, its time to think about healthcare. Since pets usually don't come with an owner's manual, new owners often wonder about vaccinations and de-worming. Just like children, your pets need vaccinations in order to live a healthier life. Regular and routine vaccinations and de-worming are in place to prevent possible fatal infections and diseases.

FLIP THE LIP! February is National Pet Dental Heath Month. Do your pet a favor and take a few seconds to take a peek at his or her teeth - a GOOD peek. You might be surprised at what you find. According to many veterinarians, periodontal disease...

Winter is here and good grooming keeps your pet warm and comfortable even when the weather isn't. Winter snow and rain causes the hair coat to become dirty and matted. Loft, the air between the hairs, creates insulation for your pet from cold winds and weather. The best way to maintain loft is to keep your pet's coat clean and well brushed. Mats should be completely brushed out. Trimming between the pads on your pet's feet