• Pet Heat Stroke & Exhaustion Tips

    Upper Valley Vet – Hot Weather Tips Know Prevention, Recognize Symptoms, Learn Emergency First Aid Summertime is a fun time for vacations, baseball games, hikes with your dogs, and weekend getaways. It is also time for those working companions to keep busy moving cattle on the summer range. As you make plans to head outside with your pets, there are several ways to keep them from overheating. Heat Stroke is a potentially ... Read More
  • Help Your Animals Cope with Loud Noise

    Fear of loud noises is a common phobia in dogs and cats, especially with thunder and fireworks. Signs of Fear In dogs, it is usually displayed by hiding, whining, barking, pawing or even urination.  Trying to help your dog cope with loud noises is important because the anxiety usually gets progressively more pronounced with age.  A dog suffering from a fear of thunderstorms may begin to display anxious behavior before the thunder ... Read More
  • Dogsicles Recipe

    Help your pets with the Summer Heat – try these “Dogsicles” ! 1 quart chicken broth 1/2 lb chicken breast, thawed 3 oz (for small dogs) or 5 oz (for larger dogs) paper Dixie cups Put the chicken broth and chicken in a large pot.  Boil until chicken is cooked through and soft. About 20 minutes.  Remove pan from heat and carefully remove chicken breast.  Cut or shred the meat into very small pieces ... Read More
  • Holiday Pet Weight Gain & Obesity

    Pet Obesity TipsPack your bags. Pack your car. Pack your sleigh. But don’t let your pet pack on the holiday pounds! Holiday season is upon us — a busy time of year for festivities, family and of course, lots of eating! Did you know that if a ten-pound cat ate just one ounce of cheddar cheese from your hors d’oeuvres, it would be the same as if a person ate three and a half hamburgers or ... Read More
  • Halloween Pet Costume Contest 2016

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  • Fun Pet Facts

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    Highly contagious canine influenza, or dog flu, can affect dogs of any breed, age, sex or health status. Environments such as dog shows, dog parks, pet day care centers, and grooming facilities are particularly risky. It is caused by the canine influenza virus (CIV) and can occur year-round. Almost all dogs exposed to the virus become infected, and the majority (80% of infected dogs) develop flu-like illness. It can be difficult ... Read More
  • Dog Treats for the Holidays – Gingerbread Mailmen!

    Dog Snack RecipesDoggie Treats – Gingerbread Mailmen Recipe 2 cups whole wheat flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon Ground Ginger 1/4 cup Canola Oil 1/4 cup Dark Molasses 1/4 cup Water Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl, combine flour, baking soda, cinnamon, and ginger. In a small bowl stir together the oil, molasses and water. Add the molasses mixture to the flour mixture and stir until you have a soft dough. On a ... Read More
  • Fall Pet Care Tips

    Dog Health Fall is here. The leaves are changing, apples are hanging heavy on the trees, the air is nippy in the morning, and your pet has more energy as the air begins to be cooler during the day. Autumn is when many home owners make repairs and preparations for winter. It is also the ideal time to maintain where your pets hang their collars and to help your pets become ready for ... Read More
  • Halloween Pet Safety

    Fall is here and Halloween is approaching. Halloween is a fun-filled holiday for everyone. However, the scary creatures, silly costumes, decorations and treats can be frightening and potentially dangerous for dogs and cats. Pet Costumes Even if you’ve found the perfect costume for your pet, they may not enjoy wearing it. Well in advance of Halloween, try the costume on your pet and see how they react. If they don’t like it, ... Read More
  • Vaccinations for Cats and Dogs

    Rexburg Animal Vaccinations Once your furry bundle of energy has wriggled its way into your heart, its time to think about healthcare. Since pets usually don’t come with an owner’s manual, new owners often wonder about vaccinations and de-worming. Just like children, your pets need vaccinations in order to live a healthier life. Regular and routine vaccinations and de-worming are in place to prevent possible fatal infections and diseases. Newborn Both puppies and ... Read More